Computational Swarm Intelligence

Computational Swarm Intelligence algorithms, often inspired by communication and interaction between social agents such as ants or bees, play important role in Artificial Intelligence. Different learning and adaptive mechanisms incorporated in these techniques (applied in real-world applications), are the research area that currently becomes the main field of Computational Collective Intelligence.


Dr. hab. Urszula Boryczka
Institute of Computer Science
University of Silesia
41-200 Sosnowiec, ul. Będzińska 39, Poland
Phone: 032 3689 754
Fax: 032 3689 866

Dr. hab. Tomasz Gwizdałła
Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics
University of Lodz
90-236 Łódź, ul. Pomorska 149/153, Poland
Phone: 042 6355 709
Fax: 042 6655 130

Dr. hab. ing. Jarosław Wąs
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
AGH University of Science and Technology
30-059 Kraków, al. A. Mickiewicza 30, Poland
Phone: 012 6175 219

Information for authors

The papers will be reviewed by CSI 2017 International Program Committee. The best submissions accepted for this workshop will be published in the ICCCI conference proceedings. The papers should present original and unpublished research. The conference proceedings will be published in the prestigious series Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and distributed by Springer-Verlag. Please follow the author instructions given at the ICCCI site to format and submit your paper. Authors are invited to electronically submit their paper via conference submission system (CSI’2017: Computational Swarm Intelligence). All submissions will be done electronically, as indicated in the instructions on the conference web site.

CSI2017: Special Session on Computational Swarm Intelliegence: